My top 5 updates to Adobe XD – October 2018

This needs a small intro

1. Auto Animate

Originally XD’s animation skills while prototyping were subpar to other applications like sketch and InVision. It is true that XD’s animation ability still lack depth but it’s a step in the right direction. Now XD will assume what animation will be required for your interaction. Check out the example below, we have a card with an Image, title and short description. I don’t want the card to snap to a new page I want the page to animate itself making it seamless. So, I want the image to expand and take up more of the screen, I want the title to change font size and I want to see more paragraph content.


Now having this makes communication on a project much easier whether that’s to a client or a developer. That is how that interaction should act.

2. Plugin & App Integrations

Plugin & App Integration has been on Adobes plate for a while with the need nowadays that all applications people use be connected. Such as project management tools, sharing designs and code snippets or chat engines to see everything in real time. Now I’ll be able to distribute my design files easily through Slack, Jira, Trello, Zeplin & Dribbble.

3. Voice Commands and Speech

With voice interaction becoming a bigger entity in our day to day lives with the amazon echo and google home gadgets it makes sense that we should be able to interact with design prototypes like what you would in a real-life scenario. Also, this is a major step forward for accessibility because you could program it to say scroll down in case the user can’t scroll down the page/screen for any reason. While is still an amazing feature I think we will start to use it religiously within the next 2 years.

4. Illustrator Integration

Now we can pull illustrator files directly into XD. I used to just export them as SVG’s and then place those SVG files onto the XD canvas. Now you can directly open up an illustrator file in Adobe XD and then you can convert your illustrations into Symbols. Now you can distribute those symbols throughout all your designs. It eliminates two steps making us designers that fraction more efficient!

5. Export to Adobe After Effects

Now if the auto animate animation doesn’t do exactly what you want, you can refine it even further by exporting your design to Adobe After Effects. Now every single layer/folder in your design will be visible and you can tweak the animation. This isn’t personally something I’ll use to often but I know that this is a major plus for Interaction Designers.