What is Optimise?

What does “optimise” mean?

Predominantly when BarkWeb refer to “optimise”, we’re referring to search engine optimisation, or SEO, as it’s commonly known. SEO positively improves the visibility of websites and web pages in unpaid search results by improving organic rankings in search engine results pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The result of SEO typically yields more natural, or organic traffic to the website from a relevant audience who are actively searching for your products or services.

The dictionary definition of Optimise is:

When we are talking about optimisation services, this is the service of providing SEO for client websites. We typically break down our SEO service into five components:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Content strategies, experiments and optimisation
  4. Backlinks and link building
  5. Measurement

Keyword research

Keyword research is fundamental to all sorts of marketing activity. If you’ve been conducting any marketing, or planning your marketing activity, you’ve most likely already started thinking about keyword research. When we research keywords during an optimisation project, it’s crucial to adopt the perspective of the searcher. We constantly remind ourselves that searches are expressions of what people are looking for. So, let’s help them find what they’re looking for by providing the answers.

If you’re thinking about doing your own keyword research, learn more in our recent and helpful blog on How to Conduct Your Own Keyword Research.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is how well your website has been built and tuned to search engines. Some basic example questions might be;

  • Are there any web pages blocking search engine crawlers and bots?
  • Is the site using tracking tools such as Google Analytics?
  • Do all pages have unique page title tags and meta descriptions? Are they optimised to important keywords and a good length?
  • Are all internal and external links on the site working? Do they have anchor text or Alt tagging?
  • Does the site architecture rely on redirects? Are they diverting using 301 redirects?
  • Is the content on page a good length? What’s the frequency of keyword usage and semantically relevant keywords? Can this be improved?
  • Are there any duplicate content issues?
  • Are images optimised for page speed? Do they contain Alt and title tagging top help search engines with useful subject matter about the image?
  • Is Schema.org microdata being used on the site to contextually mark-up content?

The best bit about technical SEO is that it’s straightforward to fix, easily measured and once you've achieved technical optimisation, it’s usually not too difficult to stay on top of it especially if you adhere to SEO best practices when publishing new content on the website.

Interested to know if your site is technically optimised? Why not test your site using our free SEO audit tool.

Content strategies, experiments and optimisation

Getting creative is incredibly important for good SEO. You may have heard the well-repeated phrase "Content is King", something as true today if not truer than it was 5 years ago. Producing a melange of text, images, video, animations or sounds that influence your audience to do more than just browse is super important to getting a website that works.

This isn't just about search engines either. To be effective at converting visitors into sales, it's important to make sure your website content looks the part and reads to a great standard. Website content needs to be compelling, emotive, crisp and concise. It needs to sell your business effectively and convey your brand through tone of voice and imagery. 

As SEO experts, we are masters at integrating quality copywriting with search engine findability, we look at incorporating keywords into your writing in a natural, organic way whilst achieving the optimal saturating point for keywords and semantically relevant keywords to help achieve the best results.

To find out more about our content service visit barkweb.co.uk/optimise/content

Backlinks and link building

Improving links going to the website, detoxifying the bad ones that you’d be better off removing, impressive social signals that really boosts your brands online presence, and maximising referral opportunities are all a MUST for any website wanting to be successful in search results. 

Google uses more than 200 ranking signals in their algorithm to determine where a website should sit in search results pages (SERPs). Links remain arguably the most important ranking signal and essential in maximising organic website visibility.

Link building is a core element of our SEO packages – depending on your package you’ll benefit from more or less links being built to your website on a monthly basis. Our Optimise team help to audit existing links, identify key placements for future links where you could maximise your influence within your industry. Our focus is always on ‘white hat’ link building techniques, we develop natural link profiles that stand the test of time for medium- and long-term sustainable results.

Our link building isn’t just tick box directories, we help your brand receive the coverage, links, referrals and SEO boost to hit your target audience in the face.

In short

Optimisation is about making your website work more effectively in search engines, attain higher volumes or relevant organic traffic, and get more leads and sales from your website.

Interested in optimising your own website? Get in touch with Ben on 01323 735 800 or email ben@barkweb.co.uk.