Job description

We are looking for a highly energetic and enthusiastic candidate to fill the role of Front End Support and Project Management for both BarkWeb Limited (the agency) and Jolojo (our product).

Our relationships with our clients is of paramount importance to us and as we evolve as a business we are always looking for new, better and more efficient ways of managing our operations both for us and our clients.

Traditionally, we have relied on the whole of our team to handle both front line support and project management. We are now looking to make this process more efficient.

About the job - primary responsibilities

There are two main areas of work and responsibility namely:

Front line support

We develop our own Content Management Systems, Bespoke Web Applications and Vertical Market Solutions all on top of our core platform Jolojo which enable our clients to update and manage their web content quickly and easily.

We provide end user support (especially in the early days of adoption) as part of our service to all clients to assist them where necessary in the use of the platform.

The role is simply to assist end users where they may have questions or need help.

Project management

During the life cycle of projects we run, there are sometimes bottle necks that can build up and that can delay and hinder the speed at which we aim to deliver the solutions to our clients.

Working alongside the account manager, it will be your responsibility to maintain regular contact with clients during the project run time to assist with the gathering and commissioning of content (images and text) as efficiently as possible.

About the job - secondary responsibilities

As well as our immediate requirements above, there are additional areas in which we want to improve:

Help documentation

Our core platform Jolojo is almost 18 months old now and while we provide training and some documentation for our clients (on a need basis presently) we now want to build up a repository of both text and video help. This will be embedded in the platform and will be driven by the most common issues first.

Working with clients, developers and project managers and directors - you will identify areas that can be improved with an easy to use help system and assist in the creation or commissioning of the content for the help system.


When we produce new functionality for the core platform or new bespoke work for individual clients this work has to be tested. Whilst we can do the majority of this using TDD (test driven development), human testing is still required and is best done by personnel who have not either commissioned, designed or built the solution or functionality.

You will be asked to test and document any issues before we release code to our clients.

About you

We have not built our 'ideal candidate profile' for this position as it has not existed before and we don't want to stereotype the role, having said that you will be:

  • An excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Enjoy interaction with fellow human beings
  • Be organised and proactive
  • Enjoy solving issues
  • Be ambitious
  • Have a high attention to detail

Above all, we will be looking for a responsible and personable candidate who will fit into both our team and our culture who is looking for a great opportunity with a great company!

What you’ll learn in this role

There is so much that goes into what we deliver, there will be no limit to what you learn in this role. At first we will want you to become highly skilled and efficient in using our core software, in documenting issues in our CRM software (Jira) and in dealing with clients in a professional manner.

You will also see first hand how you can make a difference to both the efficient running of a company and the improvement of our core platform. We believe that will be rather rewarding.

We have lots of additional avenues that we can explore with you, should you wish to. These will also lead to an improved understanding of all things digital, including:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Sales process
  • Marketing

Skills range

You will be comfortable talking with customers who you don't know and ideally will have experience of logging support requests via a CRM (although this is not mandatory)

  • You will be able to adapt your communication style to suit your audience
  • Be technically inclined (definitely not worried about using a computer and adopting new software)
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook)
  • Work through tasks logically
  • Have the ability not to get distracted and complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Be a team player and see 'the big picture' in what we are achieving

The opportunity

We are super ambitious and are just starting out on some new, interesting and highly rewarding areas of new business, this is a great time to get on board with us.

We believe that this is a super opportunity for the right candidate. We will not silo you indefinitely in the role of support, indeed as we grow, the department will grow and if you are up to the task you could be running our support department, heading up the sales department or maybe even running the whole shooting match...

We also realise and have experience in knowing that all candidates have unique skills, we will help you evolve yours. We will provide full training internally and through external courses as required or as identified as part of your Constant Personal Development (CPD).

Most importantly - we will champion you, as you will champion us.


Salary: £16 - 30,000 (depending on experience) + bonus + pension

Holiday: 20 days + 1 day extra per year up to 25 + Bank holidays


Email - tell us about yourself and your experience and add a short note about why you want to be part of our team. Oh, and attach your CV if you have one - will get back to you super-fast!

Alternatively - fill in the form below!

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