Vertical sales / account management.

About us

The web is an important place for our clients and we take that more seriously than most. We believe in delivering simplicity through constant technical innovation and that there are better ways of publishing content and managing websites than the accepted norm (you know what we are talking about, right?)

We are an awesome, committed team of experienced professionals. We don’t cut corners and we don’t fudge anything. We deliver high quality web design & development, and cost-effective, results-driven, evidence-based SEO, Optimisation, and PPC..

We exist to provide exemplary and meticulous products and services to our clients. To empower them to empower themselves whenever we can. We save businesses from the tyranny of poorly developed, poorly executed and poorly performing websites.

About the position

We are just about to launch our first vertical product to a large, finite (in the UK at least), easily known market with poor quality competitors.

We need a self-starting, get-things-done, full-follow-through-to-finish sales person (job title up to you) to grab this opportunity by the scruff of the neck and penetrate this market hard.

The job will be to assist with marketing then drive sales through direct client contact. In the early stages, on-boarding will also be part of your position, but this will be phased out as soon as we prove the concept. Heck, you want to sell and we will want you to sell!


When you start things, you see them through. You love introducing new ideas, better products and new ways of working to people and organisations that need them. You get a thrill out of a chase (not down the A27 in your GTi) and a big buzz from every sale.

You will probably be in some sort of marketing / sales position, but you are underwhelmed, bored and frustrated by what you are currently doing (that is sort of a given as you are reading this, unless you are looking for ideas on what to write for your sales vacancy…). However, you may never have had a sales job before, but either way you know you can sell.

You will need to be organised, really organised. Any great sales campaign is not based on random luck but organisation, persistence, resilience (and no we are not talking double glazing sales levels of resilience), character and intelligence. You will have bucket loads of those qualities, we have the product.

You will be ambitious, frighteningly ambitious. Snap.

You will work as autonomously as possible whilst being part of our team. Your thoughts, ideas and requirements will be important to us and we will empower you to succeed.

Additional info

This is not a one product sales position. Well, it is. But not for long. Once we have the first market opened we will continue to develop our core software for others. If you are successful in the first market you could find yourself working with or even running a team, we want this to be the start of a new way of selling for us and the start of a new department in our business.


Salary: £18 - 25,000 basic (depending on experience) + OTE £35 - 50,000 up to you + pension

Holiday: 20 days + 1 day extra per year up to 25 + Bank holidays


Email - tell us about yourself and your experience and add a short note about why you want to be part of our team. Oh, and attach your CV if you have one - will get back to you super-fast!

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