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Technical Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

A data driven approach to improving your organic rankings

Your website should be a beacon to all potential visitors, and being near the top on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) is key. Websites can really benefit from the good click-through rates that these vaunted positions generate organically from search at the very moment of a users need. 

90% of all worldwide searches happen on Google, so we make sure you are fully optimised for their ever-changing algorithm. Google has 200+  ranking factors, it’s a highly sophisticated search algorithm and preparing your website to perform well against these factors is a challenge that you should not skimp on!

Our approach to SEO is almost entirely data driven. We constantly ask ourselves "What's the point if it doesn't add up?!" Yes, SEO work often involves some aspects of technical implementation, for example, meta tagging, URI mapping, schema markup and W3C compliancy. All very technical, right? But the core of our SEO work revolves around two (or three) simple pillars. Measure, change and repeat

This involves experimentation and analysis on a grand scale! We use data from our SEO tools to plot baseline rankings, monitor website traffic levels, on-page events and conversions, conduct technical audit, backlink profiling and link building, and a host more other things to get as much useful data as we can. We then make changes. Measure. Change. Measure... You get the gist.

Take control of your universe and get optimised. To find out more about our Technical SEO service in Eastbourne, East Sussex AND beyond, contact Ben on 01323 735 800 or email him at

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