Little Tree Furniture

The up-cycled furniture creators

Project delivery

We share many values with Little Tree Furniture, and up-cycling products is one of them. It's pretty much what we do but with websites. Taking something with history, that's been made unkempt with time and turning it into something cool, polished and full of character.

Little Tree Furniture required a visual, responsive website to really showcase their unique pieces of furniture. Targeted at the B2B market, furniture stockists and consumers, the business requirement was to increase brand awareness, target new customers and incorporate a stockist search functionality. It was vital the layout made navigation between products easy and was visually striking from a brand awareness perspective. 

As an ecommerce website, the layout includes categories and filters for effective product search functionality and provides a seamless user experience.

Our digital marketing team continue to support and carry out optimisation and promotion for Little Tree Furniture to support ongoing marketing campaigns.