Precision Cutting

Specialist diamond drilling contractors

Precision Cutting Ltd are a specialist diamond drilling and floor sawing contractor based in the South East of England, near London. Their services largely involve cutting or demolishing roads, buildings, and concrete structures by diamond drilling, sawing, hydraulic crunching or bursting, or using demolition robots.

They also use earth anchors or structural anchors to ensure that fragile or vulnerable structures are kept in place as they should be during any building work.

Project Brief

Precision Cutting came to us with a clear brief to design and build them a new website that was optimised in Google so that they could better rely on the organic search channel for marketing their business. We agreed to deploy the website on a new digital platform, called Jolojo. This platform is particularly effective on PageSpeed Insights (PSI) and for delivering the website on mobile devices, perfect for what we were trying to achieve with a highly optimised site for better rankings in search engines.

As part of the new design, we wanted to modernise their website look and feel. We designed a website to enhance Precision Cutting’s brand and showcase their services more effectively in a card-based layout, using photography and text to best communicate with the user what services the client provide.

The site architecture was maintained, but we used UX design techniques to better direct the user into the funnel using visual aids like graphical, banner calls to action (CTA) and card-based layouts for services.

The service pages themselves use a mixture of engaging content features such as elegant image sliders, interactive design and video content to provide their audience with an engaging and memorable experience.

Website Development

The sites development was made more efficient by using content frameworks, a system that facilitates the use of reusable components for quick scaling of pages.

The content framework provides the skeletal structure of the website so that pages follow a system that makes content creation really fast. By using content frameworks within the CMS, this means Precision Cutting can very quickly and easily create new pages for growing their website in future.

To break it up, every page has:

  1. Page Title or Headline
  2. Body content
  3. CTA


Another key aspect of this project was to centralise Precision Cutting’s domain portfolio. They had invested heavily in micro-sites across hundreds of domains, all of which suffered from cannibalisation in search, and duplicate content. This black hat SEO technique is a little old school, but we still come across it all the time and it does cause me to scratch my head in confusion. These aren’t related domains, they’re the same business and same offerings on more than one domain.

There were silver linings to this tactic though, and the investment in multiple domains was not in vain. The residual value of the domains included:

  1. Backlink profiles delivering link juice into each domain. Our task was to deliver a single, central website on the main brand term domain and use 301 redirects to pass <95% of link juice to the central domain
  2. Defensive domain buying, it meant that competitors could not own the domains and the majority of them were for exact match keywords in UK locations. Although this has no SEO benefit, it is protectionist and by using the 301 redirect we ensured traffic to all other domains did find their way to the central domain.

Quality Assurance, Testing and Sign Off

We like to deliver the first iteration of any website on a known device size, so we chose desktop for concepting and testing. Content started to be populated. Bugs were fixed and the final few nips and tucks made.

During this process we also started our internal quality control sign off which includes testing on multiple device types (Android and Apple smartphones, tablets and desktops) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.), mapping any old URLs, W3C checks, Page Speed optimisation and pre-launch SEO.

Once all testing had been completed the website was moved to a production server and DNS changed. The launch of the site was ‘soft’ so we didn’t get out the bunting and shout about it immediately.

We consider launching a website the start of ‘the next phase’, once the baby is born it does need looking after, an occasional tweak and change. We continue to monitor Google Analytics and the site performance in Google and Bing organic search result pages, as well as Google Search Console to make sure any indexing issues are fixed quickly.

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