300% Increase in Revenue For UK Quad Bike Retailer

300% Increase in Revenue For Ecommerce Quad Bike Retailer

Local SEO and Google Ads campaigns for ecommerce retailer

Storm Buggies are one of the leading specialist buggy and quad import and distribution companies in Europe, holding the sole distribution rights for premium brands such as Joyner and Hammerhead. Their target audience is the B2C sector, with both a focus on the daredevil children's market and the adrenaline-seeking adult market.  

BarkWeb was tasked with the creation of a holistic, national UK campaign targeting crucial searches for their products. The Storm Buggies website is ecommerce, and the purpose of the campaign was to optimise the quad bikes, dirt bikes, and kids quad bikes in Google. Key metrics included:

  1. Revenue on the website
  2. Keyword positions in Google search result pages

The objectives of the marketing project were to generate sales from search engines. To achieve these objectives we identified two essential channels:

  1. SEO for stormbuggies.com with the goal of improving rankings in organic search to generate more traffic to the website, and more sales.
  2. Alongside this, Google Ads campaign management with the goal of setting up an effective Google Shopping campaign to generate product-specific landing page views, and boost sales.

Both channels can be measured in Google Analytics using return-on-investment (ROI) models, and we could also measure the Google Shopping campaign using return on ad spend (ROAS) to ensure ad spend was being invested efficiently.

The results

We started the campaign in early March 2020. Through the product and category page content optimisation and PPC campaign management, traffic from search engines has increased +76%, resulting in the following improvements:

  • +20% increase in conversion rates
  • +111% in number of transactions - from 2,110 to 4,470
  • +300% increase in revenues
  • +88.14% increase in average order value
  • +106% in unique purchasers - from 1,354 to 2,790

What we did

We identified that Google was an under-utilised channel and implemented a campaign to improve performance from this search engine. The campaign became multi-faceted, including the implementation of the following:

  • Google Ads, including Google Merchant Centre set up and Google Shopping campaigns
  • Technical SEO on-page, fixing title tag and meta description errors, optimising products with JSON LD schema markup, and image optimisation 
  • Off-page SEO, such as link building
  • Content optimisation of categories and product pages, making sure the website was working as hard as it could to improve positions in organic search results.

Position tracking

One of the essential tools we used heavily for this project was Google Search Console.

Our method was to use the Queries and Pages filters to identify keywords that the website already ranked for, but only held historically poor average positions. Our approach was then to conduct keyword research around these keywords, identifying the searches that would produce the most effective search volume and where there was intent to purchase. This would inform our on-page SEO work which was to become the backbone of this project. 

You can see the effect of these searches in Google search result pages in this overview graph:

Link building

To give the on-page SEO the best chance of having an impact, we also gradually increased the number of linking domains to the website, in some cases resulting in a surge of backlinks where one domain would link to the site in multiple locations.

  • +924 increase in total backlinks - from 487 to 1,411
  • +49 increase in linking domains, on average a gain of two/month - from 162 to 211
  • See below backlink progress graphs and new/lost backlinks.

How did this affect website performance in general?

By increasing the overall volume at the top of the funnel we effectively increased the number of sales at the bottom of the funnel. It was, therefore, relevant to include other key metrics such as the number of website visitors, sessions, and engagement metrics over the past year to measure the overall impact of this campaign and understand how we achieved the sales, from the top of the funnel down.

Takeaway stats:

  • +76% increase in total website visitors 
  • +78% increase in visits from organic search - from 70k to 126k

In summary

Both Storm Buggies and ourselves have been delighted with the results of the campaign. By optimising an under-utilised marketing channel, in this case, Google, the client was able to massively increase sales over the year.

The strategy of using both an organic and paid approach, working in tandem, delivered a more powerful and co-ordinated message on Google. Sending more traffic to the website and returning greater dividends for the investment, with a much-improved effect on the conversion rates and the number of sales.

As a result, Storm Buggies have incorporated SEO and Google Ads into their regular marketing plan all year round.

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