Keyword Research. 

Understand what your audience are looking for 

In marketing, a lot comes down to keywords. They’re important in everything we do and they should be important to you as well. 

Keyword research focuses on uncovering what your users are searching for, how often they're searching for it and in what format they wish to consume it. 

At BarkWeb, our professionals use a variety of industry-leading software to uncover your user's search intent. Using this information, we’re able to develop an organic traffic strategy, focusing on a variety of ‘head’ keywords and long-tail keywords to generate traffic to your website. By producing content that answers a users search intent, you’re ensuring your content is relevant, increasing your chances of ranking highly. 

Content produced may be in the form of news articles, blogs, videos or infographics, uniquely designed to rank for targeted search terms and engage the user.

 Competitor research is a fundamental element of any keyword research service. Using a range of marketing tools we're able to identify low-competition keywords, providing you with the best chance of ranking for them. 

Our content optimisation service can be used alongside keyword research, to ensure that content produced is suitably optimised to rank highly in the search engine results page (SERP). 

To uncover what your audience is searching for, get in contact with our marketing professionals today!

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