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BarkWeb is a PPC and digital marketing agency delivering expert PPC campaigns to boost your online presence, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. 

We provide a range of PPC and paid media services that enable ambitious businesses to thrive. Our data-driven services include targeted PPC campaigns and paid advertising designed to help your business grow, increase your performance online and generate positive results for your business. We are proud to be an accredited Google Partner.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a form of digital promotion meaning you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. You're fully in control of how much you pay for each click and how much budget to allocate to your advertising campaigns each month, ensuring you never overspend. 

PPC is a highly cost-effective method of advertising online, with the ability to have ads displayed in front of your target audience within minutes of launching a campaign. 

what is ppc?
why ppc?

Looking for a PPC Partner to Improve Results?

We are a PPC agency for businesses who want to achieve outstanding results from their PPC advertising campaign. Our approach is results-driven and creatively focused. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their industry, objectives, goals, and target audience. 

We then create PC campaigns and personable ads that effectively engage and convert your customers. Everything we do within the digital marketing arena is attributable, so we can prove our value and deliver a meaningful return on your investment. 

Creative Data-Driven PPC in Sussex

Google processes 3.5 billion search queries every day. PPC seeks to place your business above organic search results, in front of your targeted audience and customers, wherever they are on the internet. Your business will benefit from cost-effective growth through qualified enquiries. As a Google Partner we have the expertise and experience, together with a dedicated team tailored to your needs. 

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Our Approach to PPC

We understand that PPC campaigns must align with your business strategy in order to deliver a successful return on your investment. Our PPC advertising and campaign management uses data-driven decisions, together with an iterative, creative approach. This combination allows our expert team to provide strategic PPC advertising that delivers long-term, tangible and measurable business growth for your brand. 

Every digital marketing campaign we manage involves large-scale experimentation and analysis to ensure we generate the results you expect. Through a mixture of both manual and automated bidding strategies, we aim to reduce the costs associated with your Google Ads campaign while achieving your targets and goals.


Why BarkWeb?


We’ve been in the PPC game since 2001. We’ve seen it all, and have tried and tested methods to improve campaign performance across a number of industries and sectors. With BarkWeb, you're in a safe pair of Google Accredited Partner hands (& proud to be the only partner in Eastbourne!)

How do you report on PPC progress?


We develop a bespoke PPC dashboard for each of our clients which summarises performance across SEO, PPC, Social Media and any other channels agreed upon. Reflections are also provided, which point out successes and areas of improvement for the campaign, based on pre-agreed objectives. 

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?


SEO is the set of processes and techniques used to increase your website’s visibility in search engines like Google and Bing ‘organically’ (without the direct exchange of money). PPC is a method of advertising across networks, using a Pay-Per-Click pricing model. You pay for each click on your adverts, which direct online traffic to your website. Both methods can be used as part of long-term growth, whereas PPC is uniquely favoured for generating short-term results. 

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