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The Need to Know SEO Trends for 2021

Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly moving target. With Google updating it’s algorithm on a regular basis in the hopes of continuously providing the best, most relevant content for a user's search query, it can be difficult to keep up.


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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and our 2020 review

2020 eh?...

Thinking back to the start of 2020 we remember Boris banging on about Brexit and how this year would be a "great year for Britain"... the chances are he wasn't factoring in a global pandemic and we still seem to be in a right old tangle with...

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Marlow Ropes Case Study

International SEO For Global Rope Manufacturer

Written by Ben Keeley. Published on December 9, 2020.

At the start of this SEO project, we specified and agreed the following targets with the client, Marlow Ropes.

Increase the number of backlinks to the website,
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Google's 'Page Experience' Update Will Go Ahead in May 2021 with Visual Indicators

Six months ago now, this past May, Google announced its plans to introduce a new ranking signal to its algorithm, built on ‘page experience’ as measured by Core Web Vital metrics. These Core Web Vitals measure specific engagement metrics and aim to understand...

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Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

Every year, people are spending more and more time on mobile devices to access the internet. In fact, people consume 2x the amount of content on mobile than they do on desktop. Because of that, learning about different ways for your users to access your...

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How To Add Your Business To Open Street Map

Local business listings are crucial to the success of your local SEO strategy. They play a pivotal role in digital awareness and, if optimised correctly, provide a valuable traffic source for your website.

Many digital marketers, SEO’s and even local...

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Marketing tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Get ready for a really busy time for ecommerce by unlocking proven tactics, tips, and advice that make the most of this seasonal boom in sales....

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How Bing's New Robots.txt Tester Can Help SEOs Identify Crawling Issues

Since the beginning of the search engine age, webmasters and SEOs have constantly been looking for reliable and efficient tools to manage their websites relationship with web robots/crawlers/spiders. The difficulty of managing this relationship can often...

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Writing Content That Survives Google Algorithm Updates

Digital marketers, especially SEOs are far too accustomed to reacting to Google’s changes; especially Google algorithm updates. For years, marketers have claimed to have found the holy grail of ‘content mixes’, sure to appease Google and their future...

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Responsive Search Ads Have Received an Update

Google is adding new features to its responsive search ads, ad copy options with dynamic features and increasing its helpfulness with cross-campaign results and asset suggestions.

On the 15th July, Google announced that it would be increasing the features...

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