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Do the school holidays affect your B2B website traffic?

We kind of love the school holidays. Quieter roads on the commute to work mean an extra ten minutes or so in bed. But the quietness of the roads, got us thinking about website traffic and what the school holidays mean for B2B businesses like ours (and...

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GDPR a moment of sensibility please or Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring!

Ok, so no doubt you have heard of the new General Data Protection Act which is coming into force on May 25th 2018 across the whole of the EU. Well if you haven’t may, I suggest a quick Google Search as it is not my aim to garble out the same old same...

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Our SEO Monthly Roundup for March 2018

Google's mobile-first indexing is rolling out

To briefly explain to anyone new to this, Google's mobile-first indexing uses the mobile version of a website's content for indexing and ranking. The rationale for this is simple: most Google users now access...

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How to SEO your website for Google in 2018

Google refocuses its algorithm yearly, with new ranking factors becoming more and more important. In 2014, it was HTTPS. In 2015, mobile usability came to the front. In 2016, it was RankBrain, and 2017, another push toward HTTPS websites. Now, in 2018,...

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Nailing your content

At BarkWeb, we love content. We believe content is queen, content is invaluable and we have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for it and then creating it. However, we’re the first to admit sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to find the right balance...

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Making the internet safer for everyone

On Tuesday last week, it was internet safety day. We thought it was important to pick up on this topic, not only because we build websites and work tirelessly on the internet ourselves, but to also give you a bit of an insight about what is happening...

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New website. New CMS!

We are super-chuffed to be launching the new BarkWeb site today. As any good agency will tell you it is hard, but immensely enjoyable and satisfying doing a great job for a client, but fitting in a re-design and re-build of an in-house site (yet alone...

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The new John Whippy website is live.

John Whippy aren’t just your average insurance brokers, so when they came to us asking for a new website, we were keen to do something "out there" to reflect their vibrant brand.

So, what did we do? We created a fully responsive, seamless, colourful and...

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Prepare for Google's Mobile First Index

More and more searches are coming from mobile devices, and more and more website traffic is now mobile. Across our 200+ clients, we're seeing on average that mobile traffic now accounts for <55% of all visits, with desktop falling below half for the...

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End of Year Review 2017

Summary of the Year

Ironically, summarising the end of 2017 turns our attention to the future. 2017 has, in a nutshell, whizzed by. As the office Christmas tree goes up, our team reflects on our achievements, personal, professional and as a whole team....

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BarkWeb Winter Newsletter 2017

Read the BarkWeb Winter Newsletter 2017, bringing you all the latest news and developments from BarkWeb, by clicking here. ...

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Using Scraper to Track Website Changes

The idea for the Scraper is simple, to be able to track changes happening to a website at any given time. I’ve been working on this project for a few months, slowly learning the language its written in as well as learning about SQLite databases, regular...

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