BarkWeb: Introduction

Established in 1999, BarkWeb is a professional bespoke web design, web development and digital marketing agency based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

We understand that service and performance are critical to business. Our sole purpose is to deliver exceptional and meticulous products and services to our clients and ultimately make our clients' lives easier. We aim to empower their business to succeed over the long term. Our wealth of experience and ability to think outside the box enables us to inspire those around us and provide dedication and expertise to all the projects we undertake.

Web Design, Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency Specialists

As a professional, highly experienced and skilled team of web designers, web developers and digital marketing specialists, we are dedicated, ambitious and committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to all the projects and services we provide, without making any compromises on quality. 

For over 20 years we have worked with a diverse range of businesses on projects spanning a wide range of sectors and industries. Our experience and knowledge mean that you can count on us to do the job and do it well! Everything we create is accountable and attributable, adding value and achieving results for our clients. This is what drives us and what we strive towards on every project, to go above and beyond and provide an exceptional level of customer service to all the clients we work with.

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