BarkWeb in 30 seconds...

We're sure you must have figured this out by now… but in case you haven’t: we are an independent professional bespoke web design, web development and digital marketing agency, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex (to summarise, we make your life so, so much easier with stuff online).

We get it. We get you. We get that service and performance are critical for business. Our whole existence is to provide exemplary and meticulous products and services to our clients to make their lives easier. To empower them to empower themselves whenever and wherever we can.

With our experience combined with our ability to think outside of that comfortable box that all the other web development agencies sit in, we can inspire those around us as well as our clients, and provide passion and expertise to all our projects that we are involved in.  

Web design, web development & digital marketing agency specialists – going strong since 2000.

As a professional, highly experienced, and skilled team, we are dedicated, ambitious and committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to all our clients, without making any compromises on quality.

You can count on us to do the job and do it well.

Everything we create is accountable and attributable, adding value and achieving results for our clients. This is what drives us and what we strive towards on every project, to go above and beyond.

While we are a business to make money and grow, BarkWeb also tries to give back as well. Our MD is the chair of the Creative and Digital Task Group for  Skills East Sussex (the county’s strategic body for employment and skills.)

We regularly have Open Doors events for schools, we give work experience to students, we give talks and careers advice on how to 'get into digital'.

Alongside this, we take on many different projects that help the local community, charities, councils, local start-ups, the lot!