Web development, from Sunny Eastbourne.

Do you believe that your website or business could run better with a modern, browser based online solution tailored for your requirements? We do.

Do you need to simplify, optimise and find efficiency savings from using online systems tailored to your specific business needs?

Whatever the idea or requirement you have, from taking your ecommerce store to the next level, a customer portal, a data reporting tool or putting your whole business online we are at the cutting edge of web development and have the experience and expertise to deliver world class solutions.

What we provide

  • Top notch web development, with experience dating back to the beginning of this millennium...
  • We develop stand alone-applications from scratch and evolve solutions based within our core software (our CMS Jolojo). A lot of functionality is already available out of the box using Jolojo, which dramatically reduces development time.
  • Modern efficient solutions using up to date JavaScript based languages; Golang and Node.js for back end and Svelte for the front end.

Bespoke website application development & dynamic websites in Eastbourne, East Sussex

  • Proven, experienced, reliable.
  • Why make life harder than it needs to be? We believe that simplicity is key. No arguments, no complications.

Our process

Step 1 - Requirements gathering

In this phase, your requirements are our sole focus. We want to get an understanding of what you need and why your business needs it both now and in the future.

Step 2 - Specification

All our projects have a rock-solid specification documentation phase. We produce both text and visual wire-frame mock-ups (in Adobe XD) that allow both us and you to really understand how the application will work and how it will be used by different user groups.

Step 3 - Design, UX and UI

Of course, you will want your application to look as good as it works. This phase introduced general Design work, which includes the whole User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI). The devil is in the detail, and this phase hones in on the detail of your project. If required, we can also engage with you staff and selected customers for user acceptance.

Step 4 - Iterative build

We then iterate the build of your website or application releasing functionality to you in phases for testing. This also enables and unforeseen functionality to be introduced throughout the run-cycle of the project, which is far more economical that a light-bulb moment at the end of the project.

Step 4 - Testing and hand over

As we build and write code, we also include an element of Test-Driven Design (TDD), so most if not all of the code we write self-tests. However, nothing beats human testers.

Once testing is complete and acceptance is given, we push the big green go-button. But it doesn't stop there, our support is second to none.

Web solutions support

All our solutions come documented and fully supported (we MEAN fully supported - ask any one of our clients to get a good judgement of our support levels). Once your solution is live, we can continue to develop your solution as you want it.

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