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Why make life harder than it needs to be? We believe simplicity is key. No arguments, no complications. We are a highly experienced digital agency and develop bespoke web applications that work. We believe that progressive web applications are the future of software development and deployment because it speeds up build time, it’s platform independent and doesn’t require you to download and install yet another easily forgotten app.

We provide top notch web development and have been doing so since early this millennium. We develop stand alone applications from scratch and evolve solutions based from within our core software (our CMS Jolojo). The advantage of using our CMS as a starting point is that a lot of the associated functionality is already available out of the box (login, user management, contact forms, on-page text editing, galleries, social feeds etc) which dramatically reduces development time.

We also understand Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Agile, Scrum and Waterfall development techniques and generally use an iterative approach, all useful stuff!

Our current preferred development languages are all JavaScript based; Golang and Node.js for back end and Svelte for front end. We rather like SQLite currently but can work with any SQL based database platform. All frightfully modern don't you know!

If you want a Wordpress site - we are not the team for you!

All that may be mumbo jumbo to you or music to your ears...

Web solutions support

All our solutions come documented and fully supported (yes we MEAN fully supported - call any of our clients to see how good our support levels are). Once live, we can continue to develop your solution as required.


We worship at the Google alter so Search Engine Optimisation is built in during development. We can also provide further optimisation (SEO) and paid search services (PPC) and management as required.

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So, whether you have a fully fledged brief, a maturing idea or just an acorn of a concept we would love to hear from you and demonstrate how we can deliver and support you for the full life cycle of your project. Call the team on 01323 735800 or email enq@barkweb.co.uk or complete our contact form - lets get it on! 

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To find out more about our bespoke web development and software application services, call us on 01323 735800, email enq@barkweb.co.uk or complete our contact form and we will call you.

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