Web Development in Eastbourne

Bespoke Web Development, Web Applications and Software Solutions. We don't do 'off the shelf' at BarkWeb.

Drawing on over two decades of industry expertise and knowledge, we specialise in crafting high-performance, custom-built websites, web applications and eCommerce solutions that are designed to excel in both functionality and usability. 

Bespoke Solutions

Development built around our very own CMS, Jolojo, ensure we have a solution to every problem.

In-House Expertise

Our team is made up of experienced developers working with Node.js, Golang and Svelte.

Ongoing Support

Unrivalled support with every project, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind.


Custom Web Development

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced web developers who create and build custom web applications and software solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements and business challenges.

Our in-house content management system (CMS), Jolojo, enables us to have the capability to address any web development or software application need, as well as provide flexible and customized eCommerce solutions. Our goal is to design powerful online shopping experiences and platforms to help your business thrive!

Bespoke Websites

We build and create bespoke websites that are visually impressive and highly impactful, with a strong focus on the user experience and customer journey.

By integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies and remaining at the forefront of design trends, our team of designers and developers join forces to collaborate seamlessly on projects and build bespoke websites that deliver tangible, successful results for our clients.


Web Applications

We design and develop custom-built web applications tailored to specific requirements that are not available with off-the-shelf software. Our expertise and capabilities enable us to create web apps that meet your business needs. 

Whether it's a stock management system, a point-of-sale system, a web portal, an online ticketing system or an email marketing platform, we are passionate about creating web applications that align with your unique business processes and generate long-term success! 

eCommerce Solutions

We craft and design robust e-commerce platforms to enhance and improve online customer interaction and engagement, whilst facilitating seamless transactions for your online retail business. 

Developed using our bespoke CMS, we deliver eCommerce solutions tailored to your specific requirements and online retail project. Providing smooth and user-friendly online shopping experiences for your customers and potential customers!


Our Work

Our Web Development Process

1. Specification

All our projects have a rock-solid specification documentation phase. We produce both text and visual wire-frame mock-ups (in Adobe XD) that allow both us and you to really understand how the application will work and how it will be used by different user groups.

2. Design, UX and UI

Of course, you will want your application to look as good as it works. This phase introduces general design work, which includes the whole User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI). The devil is in the detail, and this phase hones in on the detail of your project. If required, we can also engage with your staff and selected customers for user acceptance.

3. Iterative build

We then iterate the build of your website or application releasing functionality to you in phases for testing. This also enables and unforeseen functionality to be introduced throughout the run-cycle of the project, which is far more economical than a light-bulb moment at the end of the project.

4. Testing and hand over

As we build and write code, we also include an element of Test-Driven Design (TDD), so most if not all of the code we write self-tests. However, nothing beats human testers.

Once testing is complete and acceptance is given, we push the big green go-button. But it doesn't stop there, our support is second to none.

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