eCommerce Web Development & Online Shopping Platforms, Eastbourne

Bespoke eCommerce web design for retail businesses to enhance and improve the online shopping experience for customers. 

Whether you are a new retail start-up or have an existing eCommerce website that needs updating and refreshing, we create personalised eCommerce platforms with custom features, functionality, and layout tailored to your business. We focus on providing smooth transactions for people browsing products and services and looking to make a purchase. Our goal is to ensure a positive online shopping experience for your customers and enable you to generate more sales.

Bespoke Solutions

Development built around our very own CMS, Jolojo, ensure we have a solution to every problem.

In-House Expertise

Our team is made up of experienced developers working with Node.js, Golang and Svelte.

Ongoing Support

Unrivalled support with every project, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind.

Unlock Your eCommerce Potential

Our team of web developers has the expertise to create user-centric websites that seamlessly integrate functionality, speed, and SEO optimisation for all eCommerce web design projects.

We recognise the pivotal role website architecture plays in driving user engagement and conversion rates. A well-structured website not only captures user interest but also nurtures brand loyalty for sustained growth. That's why we meticulously engineer websites from scratch, emphasising efficiency, the customer journey, and feature-rich functionality.

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Fast is The Only Speed

The loading speed of your website has the ability to win or lose a sale, making it crucial for online success. We are firm believers that fast is the only speed. Google has continued to prioritise page speed and favour fast sites, with a clear correlation between sites which load quickly and greater visibility in search engine results.

Not only will you impress Google with a fast website, your users will receive a more positive experience as well.

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“We have been dealing with BarkWeb for the last 10 years and our ecommerce website is in its 4 incarnation. From design concept to delivery their service is first rate and any technical issues (of which there have been very few) have been dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We would highly recommend them.” 

- Crystal Vision Locks.

Our Work

Bespoke eCommerce Web Development

If you have an eCommerce website requirement that will not fit an off-the-shelf solution, or you're being told that what you want is impossible, we're here to help. The process for this is the same as any bespoke development, all work is fully specified, documented and contracted.

To find out more about eCommerce web development or tell us about your eCommerce project in more detail, simply contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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