Email marketing.

Revolutionise your customer workflow and transactional emails with bespoke automation fuelled by data-driven email marketing.

Using an email marketing agency makes sense when you need solid software and great support in setting up and managing your email marketing campaigns.

Build an engaged database that encourages brand loyalty and advocacy that benefits sales and website lead generation. From sending out newsletters to full blown automation tools for programmatic email marketing campaigns - we consistently adopt a data-driven approach to improve conversion rates. Email marketing is a great way of building loyalty, brand awareness and remaining in contact with your customers. Our elegant and simple-to-use email marketing platform makes it easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns.

It's entirely possible to create stunning email marketing campaigns that engage your audience with simple drag-and-drop tools that look amazing in every inbox and on every device. We create bespoke email templates that capture your brand to help get you started. You can track your success anytime and anywhere with real-time tracking so you can see the impact of your email marketing campaign as it lands in your audiences’ inbox. Additionally, we run split and A/B tests to determine campaign success using different formatting and CTA placement.

We discuss the requirements, aims and objectives of your email marketing campaigns to ensure we achieve the best results. We want your email marketing campaign to be successful and reach your marketing goals so thorough, concise planning is crucial to getting it right.

Our in-house designers create original eye-catching and highly effective email marketing designs to suit your specific requirements and needs. Having a creative and distinctive design will ensure your email message is opened, read and absorbed resulting in high click-through rates. We can create and design any email style, layout or format for you, providing you with email design ideas and suggestions as well as incorporating your company brand, logo and house style. There are no limits as far as design and conception are concerned.

We create engaging and relevant email copy to ensure your message successfully captures the attention of your target audience. Choosing the correct subject title for your email mailing is hugely important and may determine whether the reader will open your email, so getting this right is paramount. If you already have your own email copy we will incorporate this into the email content.

Our robust and secure distribution platform effectively manages lists, sends email marketing campaigns and tracks them with extreme accuracy. Our e-marketing tools provide great functionality including split subject testing, dynamic content to help you get the best deliverability, open rates, clicks and ROI. E-mail campaigns are sent to in-house contact databases or are bought in lists.

We monitor and interpret the success of all email marketing campaigns and produce a report for our clients. The report will include information about how your campaign has performed and how successful it was. The report will include statistics such as how many people opened the email, how many bounce backs or undeliverable email addresses were in the list and how many clicks through to your website you achieved. This information is very useful and essential to help determine changes or improvements for future campaigns.

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