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The Project

Measure Monitor Control came to BarkWeb with a requirement for a fully mobile-first designed website deployed with an SSL for HTTPS domain protocol that Red Dragon Valves, trading as Measure Monitor Control, could base all of their future business on.

The website requirements were to be secure and flexible enough for Red Dragon Valves to add and change content on a regular basis, rather than keep doing new websites as they had done in the past which had become a prohibitive expense for them.

After 17 months developing a Wordpress site, Measure Monitor Control became disillusioned with the capability of Wordpress to deliver a functional site and approached us to press on with a new website deployed on our own platform, Jolojo. The basics of the design were retained from their existing project, and advanced under our own designer using Measure Monitor Control’s sales brochures as a design steer. We also had a complete rethink around the product pages and category landing pages and ended up with a cut down version of their website, retaining the basic structure and landing pages but without the CSV driven 50k+ product database.

BarkWeb guided the new site architecture to be mobile-first, that will also work with desktops to drive customers to contact Measure Monitor Control with their enquiries. BarkWeb incorporated the Zoho webchat so that Measure Monitor Control could continue using their incumbent CRM as MMC had informed BarkWeb that the webchat will potentially get more interaction from users.

Our proposal

A phased exit from MMC’s current supplier to achieve firstly an elegant and on-brand digital presence that reflected the Measure Monitor Control brochure artwork and a design that affirms their business for what they are – a high-quality, global, specialist distributor of valve and instrument solutions. And secondly, a fully functional platform that encompasses all the required functionality.

The first phase was to design a site that was device non-specific, so that it looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop display (mobile responsive design). Content architecture was designed to enable users to easily find relevant material in an organised environment that uses design to encourage exploration of your products, portfolio of applications, downloads and MMC's business capabilities.

Proper attention to Google indexing ensured maximum exposure of your content to organic markets, helping with business development.

Project debrief

Design was a key first phase during the development of the new website. The content port was actioned during both the design and development phases of the project.

Phase one: Evolving the design of the new website so that is more in keeping with the Measure Monitor Control sales brochure. This involved adapting the colour scheme to brighter colours, and using beautiful imagery that delivers impact to the content. The goal was for the new website to pop, not suck! Phase one also included responsive design and the Zoho chat agent integration.

Once phase one was completed launched the site on Jolojo, a BarkWeb platform, and Measure Monitor Control was able to seamlessly exit from their old website supplier. This process enabled MMC to have a streamlined website presence whilst we develop the website further during phase two. The Content Management System allows MMC to update the site at any moment.

Phase two: This is a working phase to build in additional functionality to the Measure Monitor Control website such as .csv product import (circa 50k items), product filters, intelligent product search, full Zoho CRM suite integration and blog functionality. Development will begin once design is signed off.

Phase three: The site is optimised for Google, with images being reduced in size as far as possible without any visible loss in quality and all code is fully W3C compliant to allow for maximum search engine penetration. We then pass the website through Quality Assurance sign-off procedures in-house to ensure the site performs on all browser types and sizes, is fully optimised, validates contact forms and bespoke functionality and ensures that we deliver a high quality, zero issue website that can be launched with absolute confidence and pride.

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