Content Optimisation.

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At BarkWeb, we know how to create website copy that's loved by search engines, starts conversations and encourages conversions.

Website content is all about creating an awesome user experience. Why serve up drivel when you can provide something real and truly engaging? You've heard the phrase "greater than the sum of all parts". This is never more true than with content. Utilising text, image and video to make sure search engines take notice and users stop and read.

Content marketing starts with storytelling, and humans have told stories for as long as we could communicate with one another. Our attention is drawn to those who tell the most engaging stories. Our mission is to create these online stories, conveying your brand story, engaging users at their first interaction with your website. 

Content marketing is vital for improving conversion rates. Landing page content should be engaging, original, shareable and have clear calls to action for maximum reward. Such content will guide users to perform the actions you require for lead generation and conversion.

If you already have content, but want it optimised for organic search, our marketing professionals can assist with ensuring content is keyword optimised, sending a clear signal to search engines that your webpage is relevant to search engine queries - optimising the visibility of your website. 

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