Nailing your content

At BarkWeb, we love content. We believe content is queen, content is invaluable and we have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for it and then creating it. However, we’re the first to admit sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to find the right balance between ‘fun’ and ‘I want my page to be super optimised and I want to dominate organic search’.

Engaging, unique content can make you stand out against your competitors. This makes it super important to get your content on point, on topic and engaging every time. Don’t rush it. Nurture it, spend time on it and most importantly, love it.

Here are our top tips to create the most awesome content:


Before you put pen to paper, stop and think “why am I writing this?” and “what is the goal of this content?”. Is it to drive conversions? Is it piece to educate others? The goal sets the tone on how you should be writing. Considering this first will help you structure your content in the correct way and make sure it is relevant to what you want to achieve.

Consider your keywords

You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into your content and typed until your fingers are sore BUT did you ever stop and think “how are people going to find this?”. Before you start the time-consuming task of content creation, a Keyword research task is a MUST. When deciding what Keyword to optimise your content for, you should consider the relevancy. A higher search volume keyword is not necessarily the route you want to go down, if your content isn’t 100% relevant to it. Niche content could gain better results from being optimised for a longtail search terms. This means that a smaller audience, may be searching for a piece of content exactly like yours!


Content can be fun, believe it or not. Being enthusiastic and enjoying content creation makes it so much easier to portray that in your writing. Fun content is engaging, relatable and so much more enjoyable to read. This can make you stand out from competitors and other content writers in an instance. If an audience enjoy your content, chances are they’ll want to come back from more. Fun and engaging content can help with audience retention.

Top tip: Write content with a smile on your face and when you are happy. Unless you are a professional content writer, if you write content when you are feeling a little blue or under the weather, the chances are that it will read like that too. So, go for a walk, do some yoga, start juggling for fun, get yourself in the correct mind-set and the copy you write will be so much nicer to read.


It can prove hard to find a content concept which hasn’t already been done. Think about the numerous bloggers all blogging about the same things as each other, but for some reason, they still have thousands of followers, loving their content. This is because, no two people are the same. The ideas being blogged about may have been done a thousand times before, but the content within is truly unique. It’s a different point of view, a new twist on a topic, which is exactly what you should adopt in your content. Inject your brands personality into content, question pre-existing ideas and add new theories around topics. Be original.

Share with others

Sometimes it’s hard not to write content in the way you talk. Sharing your content with others is the perfect opportunity to get feedback, make changes and amend any mistakes you didn’t realise were there. A fresh pair of eyes on your content can also bring new ideas and opinions, which can help with making it more unique.

To summarise…

Content is the main driver of organic traffic. Highly relevant and optimised content can give you great positions in search engine. However, well optimised content does not need to be boring. Fun and unique content is engaging and can help with audience retention. Consider your goals and topics and have a great time writing.