The Ukrane Crisis

We are saddened and shocked by what can only be described as an abhorrent act by an evil President.

We support the Ukrainian effort to defend themselves against an unprovoked aggressor. We feel saddened for both the Ukrainian and Russian people all of whom are suffering through no fault of their own. 

We will do as much as we can to help the ground swell of support for the Ukrainian people.

We hope that peace comes quickly and those responsible are prosecuted for war crimes swiftly. 

What Eastbourne have been doing to show support for Ukraine

On the 26th of March, the British Red Cross are doing a fundraiser walk from Eastbourne to Bexhill to help raise money for the Ukraine. The event is a 10-mile distance starting at 9am from Eastbourne Pavilion to the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Saturday the 26th of March. All personal sponsorships will be donated and will help towards families who are struggling for shelter, food and other necessities during this time.

At the Polish Delicatessen in Eastbourne, huge community efforts have been made by sending over supplies to Poland to help the Ukrainian refugees.

On the 10th of March there was a solidarity rally in Eastbourne where again the locals donated several hundreds of pounds to help bring emergency food for 28 days for 14 families through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

On March the 5th, locals from the Eastbourne Community stood in solidarity for the Ukrainian people. Many people were involved in this movement through central Eastbourne, including Russian protesters.

A new group called ‘Happy Feet – Walks around Eastbourne’, hosted by Carolyn Bloom has helped to get many of those feeling anxious at this time to be supported by others around them and speak openly about how they’re feeling during these troubling times. You can find them on Facebook and there’s no fees to join the walks.

If you’d like the get involved and help Ukraine, follow the Eastbourne Community group on Facebook and help raise money to help others who are less fortunate during these times.

How else to support Ukraine

The people of the United Kingdom are standing with Ukraine. Across the country, everyone wants to do their bit to support those who have been forced to flee their homes because of the conflict. Here is how you can help #StandWithUkraine.

Financial Donations - If you want to donate money, there are a number of already established charities providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Donating Supplies - Organisations across the UK are gathering essential supplies, such as clothes, first aid and sanitary products. Many charities and community groups will have lists of items they need.

Apply to be a sponsor - The sponsorship scheme will match people, charities, businesses and community groups to Ukrainians who do not have family ties to the UK. More details on the scheme can be found on Homes for Ukraine

For more information, visit the Government website