Why video should be a key part of any marketing effort

There’s a common struggle online, the knife-edge balancing act between attention scarcity and information overload. We’re seeing users doing more and more product research online than ever before, options are increasing, and a typical users consideration set expands and focuses multiple times throughout their browsing journey. This means there’s more marketing opportunities before, and after lead generation, to keep that prospect engaged across multiple touchpoints.

Online decision-making processes are now much more research-intensive and video is playing an increasingly important role in user journeys. Here’s how:

Video augments research

According to a recent study on student enrolment, digital research intensifies by 50% once a student completed a data form compared to those that didn’t. Furthermore, 80% of student prospects said they were influenced by the use of video to help them move forward in their user journey.

Video drives intent

Educational or instructional videos are powerful tools to drive both brand awareness and intent. Watching instructional videos helps website visitors better visualise their own experiences using your product or service, and that motivates them to move forward in their journey – for example, by submitting an enquiry, calling, emailing or converting into a customer. By tapping into intent signals, marketers can show the right video at the right time and better help the user at their time of need.

Where to deploy video?

On your website! It’s an owned asset that is a focal point for your marketing activity and makes sense to utilise this space for video content, whether that be in background image areas, or in specific categories or pages throughout the site. The truth is most websites have ample opportunity for video to display throughout their design.


Using video throughout a users journey entices them, delivers valuable information quickly, and builds the relationship. It enhances positive emotions.

With faster mobile speeds using 4G connections, and a better fibre and broadband infrastructure throughout the UK, video experiences online have become much less a pain, and more of a positive experience. Users grow in confidence, excitement and enthusiasm after watching relevant video on your product or service, or about your brand. Sight, sound and motion are powerful emotive experiences that can last well beyond that initial enquiry, or first contact with your business and have a positive impact throughout each customers lifetime value.

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