Google Analytics 4 Migration Service

Google Analytics is a staple tool for an estimated 30-50 million business owners globally. But, ready or not, the Universal Analytics we're all familiar with will be replaced on July 1st 2023, with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Here’s why – and how – you need to get Google Analytics 4 up and running urgently.

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Why you should set up your Google Analytics 4 now

Whilst there is time before Universal Analytics is killed off, its now or never to get GA4 set-up to ensure you have enough historical goal tracking and Ecommerce data for comparison. We strongly advice you to create it as soon as possible, as this will allow you to start collecting data on you new property. Otherwise, you'll lose all historic website data when you're forced to make the switch in July 2023.

What to expect from Google Analytics 4

Google, on their help centre page, name a few advantages over Universal Analytics:

  • Privacy focused
  • Cross-platform analysis
  • Improved customer journey tracking
  • Improved user engagement analysis
  • Powerful audiences for ad campaigns
  • Simplified goals and events
  • Enhanced visualisations and reports
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The set-up process

If you don't have any Google Analytics properties, you'll need to register a new account and set up a new property in GA4.

If you already have a Universal Analytics property, you can use the GA4 setup assistant to add a GA4 property to your existing profile, which will gather data in tandem with your Universal Analytics.

If your website uses a plugin or extension that requires you to manually enter the "UA-" ID, you'll need to add Google's global site tag (gtag.js) to the head of each page, which you can normally do through your website builder's custom HTML or page layout, as well as through Tag Manager.

We will take care of this for you as part of our managed migration service.

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Don't miss out - migrate today from £375 + VAT

Take the hassle out of the update and let BarkWeb handle your GA4 migration for you. As Google Partners, we're clued up on the optimal GA4 setup for your business, having already migrated numerous client businesses from Universal Analytics to GA4 to future proof their business data. 

Included as part of this service:

  • Review current set-up inc key information and segmentation ready for your new platform
  • Setup new GA4 property & data streams
  • Goal/event replication & tracking configuration 
  • Data validation 2-4 weeks post-implementation to ensure that tracking is working and any tweaks required to settings are made

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The contact form requires that you configure reCAPTCHA in the site configuration.

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What happens if I don't switch to GA4?


If you don't make the switch before July 2023, you'll lose all historical Google Analytics data. Not only that, but by not switching, you're missing out on the many benefits GA4 has to offer over Universal Analytics. 

What happens to UA data when we migrate to GA4?


You will be able to view historical data on your Universal Analytics for at least 6 months after the update (July 2023). After that, you will no longer be able to access that data.

Will our Google Tag Manager affect our GA4?


No, your use of Google Tag Manager won’t affect your migration to GA4. GA4 works seamlessly with Google Tag Manager, so you can continue using GTM to manage your tags and tracking code.

If we switch to GA4, do we need to update our cookie policy?


To ensure you remain compliant with privacy regulations, it’s best to consult with a GDPR expert and a GA4 guide before making any changes to your cookie notification prompt.