The Project

DBSpares repair domestic appliances in clients homes and  businesses. They operate in the Eastbourne area and extend to Hastings, Battle, Bexhill, Hailsham and Seaford.

Operationally they have relied on a paper based system for the booking in of jobs, work quotations, spares ordering and payment reconciliation. As the business has grown, these systems have become increasingly error prone.

Commissioning a bespoke web application was an opportunity to find increased efficiency and eradicate errors.

As with any project we run it is essential that we both understand our clients' requirements and a good deal of time was spend with DB Spares to understand exactly how they operated, how they envisaged operating using the software and where their operations could be improved.

Workflows and designs were then created in Adobe XD, meetings were had and revisions made. Once signed off this then became the specification for the build of the project.

Bullet point functionality for the project was:

  • Booking of jobs for individual clients
  • Booking of jobs for landlord owned properties
  • Scheduling jobs with particular engineers
  • Highlight jobs that have specific needs regarding job time & urgency
  • Offline functionality for engineers to fill out forms on their mobiles
  • Management table to allow for Landlord clients & properties to be moved around.

Schedule GIF

In addition, the following reporting and job management information is available:

  • Overview of all jobs
  • Outstanding jobs
  • Parts on order
  • Jobs with parts required/on order/in box
  • All completed jobs

Off line functionality for onsite engineers.

As the engineers do not have guaranteed internet connections at all times, we built additional PWA functionality into the application. This allows the engineers to load their jobs at the start of the day but then be able to go off-line at any time during the day as the PWA stored all data the engineer enters on their device until an internet connection is re-established and the data is uploaded to the main application.

The new web application and PWA has massively increased efficiency within DB Spares, has eradicated human error and gives the management real time data without the use of guess work and a calculator.

Engineers view screenshot

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