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Project brief

Lumimix came to BarkWeb with a dual-edged brief. Firstly, to move their website away from Wordpress with a new, bespoke skin for the design and better search engine optimisation. Secondly, to phase in a powerful scheduling tool that uses both calendar and ecommerce functionality so that users can check availability of products, book and pay deposits online.

Lumimix had been using a Wordpress template for around a year and had reached the limitations of what they could do within the restrictions of this setup. They’re SEO was not particularly effective and the site was performing below the level the business was aspiring to. The brief was to move the design forward using bold colours and an elegant, simple layout that made it easy for users to journey through the website, and encourage them to convert into leads. We achieved this brief by porting the website onto our newest platform, Jolojo, and deploying the site with a fresh new design that reflected the most up to date UX principles.

Our design process

As with most design projects, we started the Lumimix design by specifying the website requirements, for example, what pages are required, what are the key pieces of content that need to be shouted about, where will the CTAs most effectively be used? Once the project is specified and we have a clear understanding of what needs to be delivered, we move into concepting. Initial designs were created using Adobe XD to create interactive mock ups and concepts for each layout including desktop, tablet and mobile. Once a concept is selected, we move forward into designing the pages of the website and fine tuning colours, fonts, imagery and content areas. Using Adobe XD throughout the design, enabled us to provide clickable mock ups to Lumimix, so the user journeys are fully and simply understood. Once the project was confirmed, the build could begin.

Next step, development!

Lumimix was developed using our newest platform, our headless CMS platform called Jolojo.

Jolojo comes with all the normal Content Management Tools out of the box, so our task was to build a new website for Lumimix on the Go language back-end triggered by the front end code built in the vue.js framework.

The bespoke design was then turned into a mobile responsive template using SCSS and the templating system built into Jolojo. Once the development and the design were consistent, we tested the system using our range of devices at BarkWeb HQ as well as using online tools for W3C compliance and Page Speed. We then share the development site with Lumimix who approve the development to go live and replace their old Wordpress site.

Once the site was launched it was received exceedingly well by Google and started taking increased bookings within a week.

We will be continuously improving the system, monitoring the site for organic search engine rankings and are currently undertaking a round of SEO and promotion to make sure that the site delivers good results for the business, generating an improved ROI from the old Wordpress site, and enables Lumimix to grow in 2019 and beyond.


Lumimix came to BarkWeb with a dual-edged brief. Firstly, to move their website away from Wordpress with a new, bespoke skin for the design and better search engine optimisation due to poor results.

In-depth keyword research was the starting stage. Valuable, relevant keywords were found that were not previously exploited on their Wordpress site. These keywords would form the basis of future optimised content creation, with the view of increasing organic traffic to the website.

The design and development of their new website, using our bespoke CMS Jolojo, was carried out with technical SEO in-mind. Newly created pages had keyword optimised titles and meta descriptions. Images had optimised titles and ALT texts, with all internal links having unique and optimised anchor text.

Lumimix, on a monthly basis, receives further content optimisation services, including continued keyword research and landing page creation.

The following statistics show year on year Lumimix website data, comparing 2019 with 2018:

  • Overall website users increased +68.83%.
  • Organic website traffic increased by +439.75%.
  • 64.58% increase in sessions
  • 4.35% bounce rate, compared to 54.46% (a -92% depreciation)
  • Pages per session increased by 45.38%