Russell Cawberry

Exemplary independent building contractors.

Russell Cawberry came to us with a brief to achieve 3 main objectives:

  • Produce a modern elegant design that would showcase their work.
  • Evaluate and consolidate the existing content with a view to re-structuring.
  • Allow ease of updating via a modern CMS.


As ever when dealing with a client with an existing, it was essential to fully evaluate the live site and to learn from data interrogated from Google Analytics and via interviews with the client. We also helped configure and introduce an internal attribution model so they could start gaining insight as to where and why enquiries were being made.

Once the current usage of the site was understood and requirements were agreed a detailed specification was written and used as our contract for the project.


We had a good idea of what was needed, the quality of work being undertaken and the stature of clients being worked for speak for themselves and unusually (but we can all learn from this) Russell Cawberry invested in professional photography at the end of each of their projects.

The design concepts main focus was to introduce space for the content to breath so that images would 'pop' and navigation could me minimised and made as efficient as possible. After trialling different colour schemes a pallet was agreed that used their existing logo colour as a primary key.


The site was built on our own CMS Jolojo and the client was introduced to the system early on in the build phase so they could contribute to porting content and editing this 'on page' enabled the client to make text changes that were relevant but also looked great.

Staff area

During the build it was decided to introduce a members area for staff that contains important documents that can be required 'on-site' - for example the companies liability insurance being accessible by site managers when required as opposed to being requested and stooping work is an obvious improvement.

Russell Cawberry can easily manage their users all with the in-built security of Jolojo. Documents are also non-shareable as the Jolojo file manager can attribute documents as 'members only' and security can also be granular so different user levels can be created (from staff, to foremen, managers etc.) so only relevant documents are shown or available to different user groups.

Pre-live checks

As part of our quality control process, the site was put through our sign-off process which tests the site on different devices and in different browsers (to cover 98% of the potential usage). All legacy URL's and changed URL's were mapped to new URL's.


Once the site was made live Google search console was set-up and monitored closely for any second generation links incoming to unknown pages. Google Tag manager was configured and added to the attribution model and the site was monitored closely for two weeks to make sure no issues were encountered.


The website now has 215% more traffic and enquiries are noticeably up (although this is always difficult to asses on sites that are not pure eCommerce).

Additional the client is empowered to keep content up to date and remains fully supported by the BarkWeb team.

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