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Google Shopping will enable you to drive more sales and discover more customers whilst making your products reach a global audience.

For retailers and eCommerce websites uploading products onto the Google Merchant Centre has massive benefits for your business. Having Product Listing Ads on Google will substantially increase your product reach to potential customers, improve your online visibility, drive more business and sales to your website and enable you to connect with new customers.

Google Merchant Centre gives you control over information on product listings and provides potential customers with accurate, relevant and up-to-date product information when searching online. As customers shopping on mobile devices continues to increase and grow, the effects of Product Search on your ROI are massive. Product search enables you to connect with customers across desktop, mobile and tablet devices so your customer reach is increased tenfold.

Our experienced Product Search Service creates and manages Google Merchant Centre accounts for clients all over the UK. As accredited Google Partners our skills and experience have been endorsed by Google so you can rely on our Service. If you have an existing eCommerce website or are thinking of setting up a new one, our team of experts are on hand to ensure you make the most of your business.

How Google Shopping Ads work?

Similar to Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads work on both Search and Display meaning these ads can be either a visual image of your product or a text ad where the user clicks on further to see what your product looks like. Using Display ads helps the user to understand exactly what they could be purchasing. 

Google Shopping Ads is all based on auctioning but it’s not always the highest price getting on the top of search engines. Google takes into account your Quality Score meaning it identifies whether your website is reliable and generates a good user experience for users. The better the Quality Score, the more likely you’ll be ranked higher in the search engine.

The formula for the cost of Google Ads tends to be:

Your price = The ad rank of the person below you ÷ Your quality score + £0.01

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Better qualified leads - Featuring product information directly into your ad means there's an increase in your quality of leads.

Easy retail - Instead of keywords, shopping ads use the product attributes you defined in your 'Merchant Centre' data feed to show your ads in relevant searches. 

Broader presence - More than one shopping ad can appear on a search if it's relevant. This means your advertisement can reach out to more users.

Powerful competitive and reporting data - See how all your products are performing with Google Analytics to see how many users have clicked on a product, made a purchase or gone further into your website.

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