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Digital marketing techniques to promote your website.

We've been providing digital marketing services for local communities, businesses and the public sector, serving mainly Eastbourne and East Sussex for the last 20+ years.

We're what's called a "fully integrated digital marketing agency" which means we provide a full range of digital marketing services from our permanent office in Eastbourne. Our promote services include paid search, display network advertising, programmatic display, PPC, email marketing, retargeting and social media marketing.

Confused by digital marketing? Here's the low down.

Digital marketing involves using various channels to promote your business, its products and services. Effective digital marketing utilises a mix of different channels to ensure your target audience is getting the right messages at the right time throughout their path to conversion. Typically, a good digital marketing mix includes:

We don't sit idle. BarkWeb experiment with different marketing campaigns, we refine what works to make it better and we bin anything that doesn't generate enough ROI. Our approach often combines techniques such as paid digital marketing with optimisation, this is a proven marketing strategy that ensures you're getting the most from your marketing channels, and that your marketing is working efficiently at converting website visitors into enquiries and sales.

How can we help you?

We are an experienced digital marketing agency and an accredited Google Partner. Our team of digital marketing experts will:

  • get to know your business
  • define your digital marketing strategy
  • set up your digital marketing campaigns
  • manage, and/or train you to manage, your digital marketing campaigns

The marketing and optimisation tools we harness allow us to use insight to deliver intuitive and relevant marketing campaigns that connect you with your customers to drive more conversions. All digital promotion we undertake is well-considered, researched, and planned prior to executing. We monitor, analyse and modify digital marketing campaigns regularly to ensure they are successful over the long term, relying on our innate understanding and experience of what influences customers to convert on websites. Everything we do within the digital marketing arena is attributable, so we can prove our value and deliver a meaningful return on your investment.

Well... Hello!

Our digital experts would love to hear about your business, to get an understanding of your goals and aims and have the opportunity to transform your website into a powerful revenue stream. We take great pride in providing an exceptional level of service and support to our clients, and we'd be delighted to do the same for you.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Interested in talking with our digital marketing experts? We'd be delighted if you got in touch.

Call us on 01323 735800, or email us at, alternatively you can fill in our contact request form and we will get back to you.

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