Serve the most effective adverts, to the most relevant audience, at the most opportune moment in time.

BarkWeb use powerful programmatic technologies to create highly relevant audiences that can be leveraged for marketing campaigns using a multitude of targeting options. 

We're great at understanding who your audience are and how to reach them, in the right way, and crucially at the most important stage of their purchase journey.

We are able to craft campaigns to meet all objectives, from brand awareness, CPA, to B2B… we've got it down.

First-party data

Core to programmatic marketing is first-party audience data as it shapes not just retargeting campaigns, but also affinity audiences, smart lists and lookalike audiences. It’s your most powerful asset; especially when being used for direct response campaigns.

Audience targeting

Outside of first-party data is where the greatest opportunity for growth resides. Derived from behavioural or demographic data, we can match new audiences using your first-party data as a template and target them with brand awareness campaigns and prospecting activity.

We’re passionate about testing and optimisation of different audiences and getting the best responses from your targeting. We ensure that your audience-targeted campaigns are quickly optimised and constantly observe their performance to find the right audiences for your activity. Where a campaign can benefit from a targeting overhaul we can quickly and easily look at who our client's customers really are and immediately use this information to augment the targeting.


Our team of experts specialise in getting the most out of your retargeting, with the right levels of moderation, control of frequency and recency, and understanding when to start suppressing messaging. If you’re looking to achieve more sales from all forms of web traffic and provide your prospects and customers with prompts to continue their user journey through to conversion then we can do just that.

We use retargeting as part of an effective marketing mix that includes prospecting and brand awareness campaigns. You can also use retargeting to help retention and renewal, as well as re-engaging with former customers.

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