Using an email marketing agency makes sense when you need solid software and great support in setting up and managing your email marketing campaigns

Trying to get your head around automation? Struggling with setting up workflows? Our email marketing experts can help. We can create bespoke email marketing templates to entice your audiences, leverage conversions and improve the LTV of your databases.

Build an engaged database bursting with brand loyalty and advocacy. In a world inundated with marketing emails, it’s more important than ever to make sure your message stands out, is timely, relevant and encourages your audience to act. This is where we can help.

We specialise in creating effective email designs and coupling them with powerful automation tools so that your bespoke workflows can work harder at building brand loyalty and encouraging a greater ROI. Our elegant and simple-to-use email marketing platform makes it easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns in real-time.

Email template design and build

Every brand has a story to tell. We specialise in translating that story visually in your emails and conveying a consistent message across devices. That’s why we design and build responsive emails, taking a mobile-first approach. Email design should capture your brand and resonate with your audience to deliver an immediate impact and a first-impression that will get off to the right start.

Email marketing strategy and automation

Our email technology enables us to build complex strategies and automate them, this starts by understanding how your data and processes intertwine. There are a couple of approaches and methodologies to creating automated strategies:

Lifecycle marketing

Exploring the nature of your customer relationships at every stage, and then communicating with them during their life cycle at key times to ensure you’ve maximised their lifetime value (LTV). This strategy is about making the relationship better and stronger at each stage and segmenting your customers as every relationship can be different or nuanced. Making the most of each relationship involves testing to see what will generate more revenue and create brand advocates.

Time and location

Emails can be tailored with geographical information at the heart to deliver variant product, content, offers, and subject lines to different targets. For example, you can target customers in London for a peaceful holiday to the countryside, whilst simultaneously targeting those in the countryside for an activity-filled city break.

There are many other methodologies we can deploy in your marketing automation. We discuss the requirements, aims and objectives of your email marketing campaigns to ensure we understand the purpose of your campaign and help you to understand the data, build the strategy and deliver the output in the most engaging way.

Measurement and performance

We work with you to track the success of your email campaigns, helping you to understand the KPIs. Real-time tracking allows you to visualise the impact of your email marketing campaign as it lands in your audiences’ inbox across the globe.

Our robust and secure distribution platform effectively manages lists, sends email marketing campaigns and tracks them. Providing you with the intelligent functionality you need to better market your business, including split testing subject lines and A/B testing email templates, dynamic content and various reporting metrics to help you get the best deliver-ability, open rates, clicks and ROI. 

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