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SEO and the landscape of link building is always changing, and in today's world, the importance of building a profile of high quality backlinks has never been higher. But what is link building and why is it important for your business?

Link building refers to the process of acquiring external links from websites to your own. These websites may link to your homepage, or if you’ve created a particularly informative blog on a niche topic, they may link to this to provide their own users with additional value - these are known as deep links.

Link building is extremely important as it remains one of Google’s top ranking factors. Google uses links as an indication of ‘authority’, with links being seen as a ‘vote of confidence’ about a page - i.e. a page wouldn't get links unless it deserved them.

Our Approach

At BarkWeb, our tried and tested link building service creates authority for your brand; increasing respective search engine positioning whilst simultaneously increasing referral traffic.

The first step of our process is a comprehensive link audit, taking an in-depth look at your current backlink profile. From here, we’ll develop a link-building strategy around your business objectives. Any current backlinks that may be harming your SEO efforts will be disavowed, ensuring your brand has a clean digital footprint. We'll curate relevant content and undergo outreach efforts, ensuring your brand is shared far and wide.

Rest assured, we only adhere to 'white-hat' link building strategies, ensuring your brand continues to be held in high regard. Our strategies have scaled businesses across Sussex, in an ethical and sustainable way. 

Our Link Building Services

Local Link Building

Just as you want your local community engaging in word-of-mouth marketing, mentioning and recommending your business, it’s vital they talk about you online too. We’ll help you identify local partnership opportunities, to get local businesses and authorities talking about your company.

Link Profile Management

All websites naturally receive links over time, though not all links are equal. Many websites can suffer as a result of a poor-quality link profile, losing organic visibility and limiting the success of future link-building efforts.

We identify the issues facing your backlink profile and proactively make adjustments, to ensure long-term stability. 

Disavow Management

Not all backlinks to your site will be positive. Inherently, some backlinks will be low-quality, which can negatively affect your SEO efforts.  Disavow files give you the opportunity to protect your website against spammy backlinks. As part of our service, we will regularly review and maintain yours to keep it up to date. 

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