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Technical SEO focuses on the technical elements of your website, to ensure that underlying code isn’t restricting the sites ability to rank well. Through the elimination of any technical SEO bottlenecks, search engines will be able to index your web pages effectively and efficiently - allowing them to rank in SERPs.

Despite being the backbone of most successful SEO campaigns, technical SEO is often overlooked as it's "out of sight". Technical SEO drawbacks can have a direct impact on your sites ability to rank and can harm other ongoing marketing efforts. For this reason, it’s best practise to evaluate a website's technical SEO status, before investing in a content and link building strategy.

As such, as part of our SEO service, we complete regular technical SEO audits of your website to spot and fix any developing issues that may have appeared, giving your website the best chance to rank highly in the search engine results page (SERP).

Fast sites rank

We're firm believers that fast is the only speed. Google has continued to prioritise page speed and favour fast sites, with a clear correlation between sites which load quickly and greater visibility in search engine results. Our marketing team, paired with our uber speedy bespoke CMS Jolojo, will ensure your website is rocketship fast.

Discovering technical SEO bottlenecks and shortfalls, we identify missed potential. This could be the architecture of your website, duplicate content or missing meta descriptions. Optimisation of these elements will provide an uplift in rankings and organic traffic.

Fast sites rank

Our marketing professionals know their meta descriptions from their image ALT texts. With over a decade of experience, our leading experts are well equipped to diagnose and correct technical SEO issues.

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