Social media management.

Grow your reach and engagement on your social media channels with our social media marketing service, designed to reach your target audiences.

Want to build a better relationship with your existing customers or target a lookalike audience that closely match your existing customers?

Our social media marketing managers use popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to interact, engage and target your customers with greater reach and frequency. It is possible to use paid social media adverts to specifically target your audience by location, age, gender, relationship status and interests making it a highly customisable and targeted marketing channel. Social media provides an abundance of customisable targeting solutions for hitting your audience, people similar to the people who 'like' you and we use this data to create adverts relevant for the people who see them to bring you better results. We also use social media ads to stay in touch with existing customers and find more people like them.

Significantly greater dwell times coupled with advanced targeting and massive reach make social media marketing an important and effective channel for engaging with and converting your audience.

All of our social media ads can display across any mobile device, are highly targeted and measurable.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing service works well with:

Social media content

Social media marketing enables you to engage your audience with content that resonates with their wants and needs and strong content is the crux of any social media campaign. We’ll work with you to create an effective social media marketing strategy and campaign that has your core business purpose at its heart. Social media marketing allows you to spread your message so that you can easily and freely share knowledge, news, information, competitions and offers that can garner greater reach for your business. Our social media experts will monitor and asses content on a regular basis and to maintain and improve engagement with each audience segment we will constantly rotate creative to avoid advert fatigue where necessary.

Social media marketing

Social media will improve SEO, it also raises awareness of your business and generates greater interest or buzz about your brand, products and services. Social media enables you to engage and interact with potential and current customers in an informal and accessible way. We often see in tracking tools such as Google Analytics, that social media is an effective referral source to get people talking and recommending your company to others whilst reaching out to a wider audience. You can easily and freely share knowledge, news, information, competitions and offers that can garner greater reach for your business.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your social media marketing is relevant, effective and supports your online business goals.

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