Influence your audience to do more than just browse.

It's a special skill being able to get the balance right using the written word. To use content for attaining high rankings in search engines whilst also enticing your website visitors into converting.

The content on your website needs to do more than just optimise your website to rank well in search engines, it needs to create an engaging user experience using a melange of text, images, video and animation. Our goal is to use content to entice both search engines to rank your website highly and your website visitors into converting.

Ok, so first the preachy bit, Google lists content as a top 3 ranking factor, so content is important and something you need to get right. It's really one of the most critical things to invest time and money on! If you've spent time exploring the internet, you'll have seen some good examples of user-experience design, you'll have most likely seen some eye-catching and impactful imagery, some unique website layouts will have caught your eye, a pleasing turn of phrase might have even made you smile - you'll also have found a number of websites that are let down by their content. Don't make this mistake!

Content is where you get to express yourself

Website content is all about creating an awesome user experience. Why serve up drivel when you can provide something real and truly engaging?! You've heard the phrase "greater than the sum of all parts". This is never more true than with content. Utilising text, image, video and anything that makes search engines take notice and users to stop and look.

Take 10 minutes to go on a browsing journey and some visually beautiful examples of website design may catch your eye. But, what’s the point if the content is lousy? Well-written, interesting and unique content is the differentiator.

How does content optimisation work?

The quickest wins in marketing strategy comes from engaging content that is highly relevant. Coupled with technical SEO and a strong backlink profile and your content marketing strategy is the component that propels you ahead of your competition. We are masters of content optimisation. We combine quality SEO copywriting with keywords important to your business.

Google is a self-professed query machine. You ask the questions and Google gives you the most relevant answer. Great content writing is about providing these answers in your copy. Stop and think… “What questions do people want to ask?” and “Can I provide a relevant answer in my copy?”. If you can answer those questions well and in engaging and optimised way, then you're on the right path.

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