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Success isn’t just about driving traffic - it’s about reaching the right audience for your product and carrying them through the conversion journey.

Whether you’re an established Ecommerce business or you’re just getting started selling online, investing in ecommerce SEO gives your business the best opportunity to rank in search engines. Our aim is to increase your website’s organic ranking for a variety of relevant keywords that will drive ‘qualified’ traffic to your online store and in turn, bring more sales to achieve healthy profitable growth and ROI.

As a Google Partner agency, we have a proven track record of delivering tangible growth for ecommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Product Optimisation

As part of our optimisation process, we’ll review the copy on your product pages, looking at the use of targeted keywords and calls to action to improve search rankings and the conversion rate. We’ll also look at more technical factors of product page optimisation, such as the use of structured data to provide search engines and users with additional context to better understand and represent the product in search results.

Category Page Optimisation

Category pages are a key part of both the on-site user journey and a robust organic strategy. By engaging customers at a broader level to the specific product, you can be eligible to rank for high-volume search terms in SERPs, all whilst providing users with logical decision points when narrowing down their purchase.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Whilst SEO is focused on driving new, qualified traffic to your website, your existing website shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, the difference a 1% increase in conversion rate can have on a high-volume ecommerce website is drastic. To make the most out of your existing traffic, we’ll assess the sales funnel to identify the points at which users exit and make improvements to these areas. Whether that be the streamlining of the checkout process or the updation of a call-to-action.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on the technical elements of your website,to ensure that underlying code isn’t restricting the site's ability to rank well. Through the elimination of any technical SEO bottlenecks, search engines will be able to index your product and category pages effectively and efficiently - allowing them to rank in the SERP.

We will ensure that your site achieves and maintains technical excellence, through continued analysis of your site.

Google PageSpeed Optimisation

We’re firm believers that fast is the only speed. Google has continued to prioritise page speed and favour fast sites, with a clear correlation between sites which load quickly and greater visibility in search engine results. Users also favour fast sites, as it offers them a more positive shopping experience, lowering the barriers to conversion.

Our marketing team, paired with our uber speedy bespoke CMS Jolojo (should you choose to use it), will ensure your website is rocketship fast.

Design / Navigation Review

Your website should be user-friendly. You need an easy-to-navigate website, even if you carry a wide variety of products. We’ll ensure that products are categorised correctly, and that internal links are optimised accordingly.

Websites that are easy to navigate, tailored to your audience and display trust signals - such as security certificates and trusted payment gateways - are proven to convert more sales. 

Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Local SEO services focused on delivering qualified local leadsㅤㅤ

Local SEO

Technical SEO

Eliminate technical SEO bottlenecks and outrank the competition

Technical SEO

Link building

Link building strategy that makes an impact.

Link building

Ecommerce SEO Tips and Tricks

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